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IACA represents all ethnic, regional and social strata of the Indian diaspora. The executive team and various cultural committees are democratically elected. They strive to represent the interest of its members and the larger NRI community. With its 40 years of heritage, IACA has the patronage of "who is who of the Indian community" in Atlanta. Thanks to the generous donation of its past members and donors, we have a well equipped cultural center and other facilities for the community. New comers, youth and the veteran members will have many many opportunities to take on active role during its events, activities and festivities through out the year. Welcome! You and your family belong here.
IACA-Atlanta Indian Idol

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Thank you for your interest in participating at the Atlanta Indian Idol contest. New contestant registration is closed. Please leave your contact information, in case it is reopened before the final auditions, so that we can contact you!
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