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Ticket Booking - IACA Miss Georgia and Miss Teen Georgia 2013 Contest
on Saturday 13th July 2013; 5:00 PM, at Robert Ferst Center For The Arts
Sponsorship TypeUnit PriceQuantityTotal Price
$50 Donation will give the donors a $15 VIP ticket,
and $35 will go to "StandUpToCancer"
Two $10 tickets
and $30 to "StandUpToCancer"
Donation (One $15 Ticket OR Two $10 Tickets)
$50.00  $0.00 
Donation for Stand Up to Cancer (No tickets) $ $0.00 
Ticket TypeUnit PriceQuantityTotal Price
Level I
$50.00  $0.00 
Level II
$35.00  $0.00 
Level III
$25.00  $0.00 
Level IV
$15.00  $0.00 
Level V
$10.00  $0.00 
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